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Science Communication shapes your world. At A*STAR’s Office of Science Communications and Archives (OSCAR), we bridge the gap between scientists and the public. By presenting scientific research in a manner everyone can understand, we spark meaningful discussion that gives science and technology a stronger presence in our society and correct the misconceptions that we encounter. Everybody benefits – the public becomes aware of life-changing work that affects them; scientists get the recognition and funding they deserve and more ground-breaking research can occur.

OSCAR collaborates with libraries, museums and other public venues to make science and scientists accessible and relevant to the public. For scientists, we organise workshops on the art of science communication and how scientists can learn to tell a compelling story about the work that they do. OSCAR is also the lead organiser of the annual one-north Festival and the A*STAR Scientific Conference, which brings together great minds from different fields to foster collaborations and partnerships. A*STAR Research – A*STAR’s official research news website and magazine, and FusionWorld – A*STAR’s conduit for showcasing technologies and innovations developed at A*STAR, are also managed by the team.

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