Other Festival Highlights

Immerse In These High Energy Events

A*STAR-ESSEC Science Communicators’ Challenge

Venue: Main Stage, Level 1, Fusionopolis One

Watch students and A*STAR scientists participate in a battle of words and wit through a 3-minute presentation on a scientific topic of their choice at the heats and finals of the first ever A*STAR-ESSEC Science Communicators’ Challenge. This fast-paced challenge aims to grow a stronger science and technology presence in Singapore by encouraging public conversations around science which improves society and betters our lives! Find out how you can participate here .

RACE.EAT.PLAY @one-north Festival

Venue: Along Fusionopolis Way

After a successful launch last year, RACE.EAT.PLAY @ one-north Festival is back this year with even more fun for all! The highlight of the event is the Soapbox RACE where Fusionopolis Way will be transformed into a race course with new obstacles. Teams from the one-north community and public will be racing their self-made Soapbox Cars down the race course in a battle of creativity and technical prowess (RACE is only on 8 September 2018). You can also EAT at the food street where you will be served by a robot! PLAY with Laser Tag Drone Shooting – shoot down autonomous drones with a laser tag gun and compete your friends to get the highest score. For more information, visit www.raceeatplay.com

RACE.EAT.PLAY @ one-north Festival is brought to you by JTC and was conceived to inspire creativity in the one-north community and public by presenting innovation in a fun and accessible manner.

X-periment! @ one-north Festival

Venue: Level 1 and Level 4, Fusionopolis One

X-periment! @ one-north Festival is an exhibition and science carnival that celebrates the latest developments in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) research. Organised by Science Centre Singapore and A*STAR, X-periment! is part of the Singapore Science Festival and will feature interactive displays and activities that allow free interaction with scientists and innovators in the one-north community.

Visit the X-periment website for more information.

Highlights include:

  • Artificial Intelligence: drone demonstrations | brain-computer interface game | AI-enabled automatic face makeup
  • Health and Medicine: personal care and wellness | re-imagine, re-think and re-invent taste
  • Smart Urban Solutions: 3D printers for industry | privacy windows | innovative materials
  • Art, Media & Entertainment: Design and Technology| bullet time photography
  • Digital Living: The Model Factory @ ARTC welcomes a world where machines can think and decide like humans and where robots and humans work safely and efficiently side by side. It envisions 3 main themes being brought together. Being smart, digitally connected and virtually enabled.

Other Fringe Activities Not To Be Missed

Energy Live! Science Show by Royal Institution UK

Venue: Main Stage, Level 1, Fusionopolis One

See energy in action with the Energy Live! Science show by the Royal Institution UK.By using volunteers and audience participation, the different energy stores are explained through the live transfer of energy. From flaming butane bubbles to exploding tin cans, witness the movement of energy from one store to another, underlining the notion that energy cannot be created or destroyed.

Inflatable Digestive System

Venue: Level 4, Fusionopolis One

Journey through your Intestine – Climb, crawl and discover the extraordinary human body with us!Visitors enter the “mouth” in place of food thus beginning the digestion process. Subsequently, visitors make their way down the track, squeezing through the “esophagus” to the “stomach” which churns the food before passing on to the “small and large intestine.” Explore this long inflatable tunnel, and learn more about what happens to the food at different stages!

Amazing Robots Race by Future Ready Academy

Date: Saturday, 8 September 2018

Venue: Level 3, Fusionopolis One

Battle of the Bots
Engage in a Tug-of-War with robots and learn the concepts of torque, power, friction and gear ratios.

LEGO Team Fortress
Engineer Robo-attack and experience walking talking robot and learn about gears, sensors and motors.

Race to the Finish
Navigate robots in an amazing race to the finish and learn about concepts of command and control.


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