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How are scientists designing more sustainable neighbourhoods for the future?
Did you know that urban development is undergoing a new wave of… More
A*STAR scientists are equipping commercial drones with capability that sees beneath the surface
With A*Star’s newest innovations in drone research, you will be left wondering… More
5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know about AI
AI now powers feats that were unimaginable just 10 years ago. However,… More
Living in the world of Augmented Reality
It is time to get ready for an exciting new world of… More
3D Print Organs with Cells Straight from your Body
Scientists are working on making human healing a quicker and more affordable… More
How can you stay protected from the dangers of dengue?
In Singapore, about 80% people who have been infected with dengue do… More
Welcome to the future with personalised transportation
Imagine a scenario where a driverless vehicle picks you up from your… More
We are what we eat (Really)
Diabetes and obesity have become hot talking points in of late. In… More
Let’s go a bit deeper with Bitcoin
Who hasn't heard of Bitcoin? The first and most prominent of a… More
So what’s the deal with drugs and disease?
In Dr. Choong Meng Ling’s one-north Festival talk in 2017, he talked… More

Our Contributors

Choong<br/> Meng Ling

Dr. Choong Meng Ling is the group leader for the High Throughput Screening Group in Experimental Therapeutics Centre, an A*STAR centre...

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Su Le

Dr. Su Le majored in Mathematical Sciences and received his B.Sc degree from Nanyang Technological University.

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Sumanto Haldar

Dr. Sumanto Haldar is a Senior Research Fellow at the Clinical Nutrition Research Centre (CNRC) within the...

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